Children's dentistry

We believe that prevention is far better than intervention.

Importance of good dental hygiene
Oral hygiene statistics show that almost 9 out of 10 hospital tooth extractions for children aged up to 5 years arise from preventable tooth decay. We encourage regular dental appointments to monitor progress and help promote good oral health and prevent cavities. Good oral health routine can help prevent the build-up of plaque. Plaque is a primary cause of oral health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

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Importance of good dental hygiene
Dental sealants have made a significant contribution to the reduction of the caries rate in children. A dental sealant is a clear plastic protective layer applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth to provide a seal against the plaque and bacteria that cause cavities. Sealants are typically applied to the back teeth (molars) as these teeth do the majority of chewing and have deeper crevices that the bacteria can hide in.

Some children are more susceptible to cavities, often due to genetics and salivary flow. Flouride varnish applied in the dental surgery can help prevent cavities. Fuoride treatment can be particularly helpful for children with a history of frequent cavities, children with orothodontic appliances or with crowns. Children's sports mouthguards are custom-made coverings worn during sports to protect against damage dental injury, trauma or tooth loss.

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Thanks so much for taking care of me yesterday. I got a filling. Every effort was made to make the process comfortable and pain free. Much appreciated.


I highly recommend I was so afraid the dentist these guys honestly so professional kind put me at ease couldn’t thank all your staff enough ??


Having put off going to a dentist for 20 years, pain won. Claire was recommended to me, as I was terrified. Claire talked me through what needed to be done and offered me gas and air, which I jumped at. A 3 hour appointment was made and I will never thank her enough for the painfree work that was carried out that day., I have been back on two occasions and hopped in the door. I will be forever grateful that I followed through with my appointment.