General dentistry

Maintain healthy teeth and gums

We can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums through treatment and prevention of routine dental problems. Our dentists and hygienists offer you exceptional general dentistry. Your comfort and peace of mind are key factors in the way we do things at our practice. We will do our very best to help you and make every effort to be sure you have a pleasant visit with us.

You may be interested in knowing what you can expect during your first visit to our practice. For patients under the age of 18 we require that a guardian attend the initial consultation. You will be asked to complete a medical history and it would be helpful if you could prepare by reviewing any past and present medical conditions and ensure that you have details of any prescribed medicines. Our first step is to find out about you and we will spend some time reviewing your past medical history and past dental history. We want you to let us know your concerns and requirements for dental care. Once we have discussed your reasons for attending we will carry out a thorough examination of your dental condition. For patients who have been referred for a specific treatment, this will concentrate on the reason for the referral. Otherwise the examination will normally involve checking the condition of each tooth, recording any previous dental treatment, examining the condition of your gums and an oral cancer screening. We may use a gentle dental laser which will shine a light on a tooth and identify if there is any decay on or within the tooth. A small device called an intra oral camera may be used to display pictures of your teeth on a computer screen so that you can see the condition of your teeth. We may take dental x-rays to aid in the diagnosis of any dental problems. Impressions of your teeth as well as photographs may be required but we will explain if this is required in your case.

After the examination is complete we will discuss your existing dental condition and your treatment options. We welcome any questions that you may have about the treatment as this can help us create a treatment plan that better meets your needs. It is our policy to provide patients with a written treatment plan showing the cost of each item of treatment before undertaking treatment. If you do not receive one please ask us to provide you with a copy.

Our dental hygienist carries out preventive treatments under the instruction of the dentist and is concerned with providing patients with treatment to improve their periodontal condition.

The initial appointment with a hygienist involves a periodontal assessment to identify a patient's oral health. This includes an examination of the periodontal condition by visual observation of the health of the gums, checking for the presence of plaque and calcalus, recording the depth of any periodontal pocket and extent of recession, checking for bleeding and suppuration. The Florida Probe can be used to provide patients with a detailed written report showing the current condition of their oral health. Various reports can be provided and used to chart the change in periodontal condition over a number of appointments. This allows patients to monitor their periodontal condition and motivate them to take preventive action before their oral health deteriorates.

The most common procedure performed by a hygienist is the scale and polish which involves the removal of the sticky plaque that builds up on teeth and the hardened version called calculus. Scaling can be done with either a hand scaler and/or an ultrasonic scaler. After the plaque has been removed the teeth are polished using a dental paste. In cases of more advanced periodontal disease the hygienist may perform root planing which involves removal of calcalus along the full length of the root.

Patients will be given oral instruction to show the correct method of brushing and flossing. Advice may be given on oral hygiene products that the patient can use at home. The hygienist is very happy to answer your questions that you may have about any of our hygiene treatments or your oral health.

Dental sedation is available for people who are anxious about dental treatment or those who have developed a phobia about dentistry. It enables patients who might otherwise avoid or delay treatment to enjoy healthy smiles. We provide conscious sedation in one of three ways: intravenous sedation, oral sedatives or through inhalation nitrous oxide. Both these forms of sedation reduce anxiety but may not provide pain relief - so an injection of local anaesthetic may be required. Our no pain injections (also known as the Wand) are available to diminish anxiety about dental injections. The patient remains conscious throughout the procedure and can communicate with the dentist at all times. A small clip-like device known as a pulse oximeter is place on a patient's finger and is used to monitor the patient's level of consciousness throughout the procedure.

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What our patients say

Thanks so much for taking care of me yesterday. I got a filling. Every effort was made to make the process comfortable and pain free. Much appreciated.


I highly recommend I was so afraid the dentist these guys honestly so professional kind put me at ease couldn’t thank all your staff enough ❤️


Having put off going to a dentist for 20 years, pain won. Claire was recommended to me, as I was terrified. Claire talked me through what needed to be done and offered me gas and air, which I jumped at. A 3 hour appointment was made and I will never thank her enough for the painfree work that was carried out that day., I have been back on two occasions and hopped in the door. I will be forever grateful that I followed through with my appointment.